Price List

We believe swimming is a life-saving skill. So we do our best to work together with families in time and budget manners to make sure children learn to swim when they are at the youngest age.

Below you can find the prices. You can refer to the Lesson Plans to find out the most suitable level for your child. Please see FAQ for the frequently asked questions like locations, how to sign up, the refund policy etc.

Private Pools (1on1)

1 Credit – 1000 TL

4 Credits – 3500 TL

10 Credits – 8500 TL

Private Pools (2on1)

1 Credit – 850 TL

4 Credits – 2500 TL

10 Credits – 5000 TL

Online Sessions

1 Credit – 750TL

Extra Benefits

Siblings discount – %10

You can top up your single credit to 4 or 10 credits

Please Contact us to reserve your spot today!